The Lotto Crusher System Review

So you’re looking for more information on The Lotto Crusher System? Maybe you heard about this and now you are wondering whether it’s the real deal or not.

I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing more details. I’ve put together this review of The Lotto Crusher System to give you what I believe is the real truth, with absolutely nothing held back.

Don’t let yourself fall for any scams. Always do your due diligence because ultimately this is what will stop you from losing money with any kind of online system, scam, or investment program.


Lotto Crusher System – Can It Work?

So I guess the main thing to ask is can you really predict the lottery with some software tool? Sounds pretty unrealistic doesn’t it. Well after doing some more research and visiting a number of websites giving reviews we found that it’s complete nonsense.

The review of the Lotto Crusher system from No BS IM Reviews put together some good information which kind of proved why the claims are a lot of rubbish. For example they exposed the fake reviews and testimonials.

A website called has many “gigs” where you can simply pay $5 and get someone to give a fake testimonial. It’s been exposed that the Lotto Crusher System uses these fake testimonials to actually promote their system.

If you were skeptical about it before getting started then you should definitely be skeptical now. There is no way that fake testimonials should be used under any circumstances to represent a legitimate opportunity, product, service or software.

In this case it’s a software. For us this is enough to label this system a scam. Whether you want to believe it or not is up to you, but a simple question to ask is, “why would they use fake testimonials if real people were actually having success?”.

Common Sense – It’s A Lie

Let’s use a little bit of common sense here. The lottery cannot be predicted. The laws of probability don’t allow for any kind of software to predict the lottery. The lottery is NOT science. You cannot predict something like the lottery based on past results as it is completely random.

For example let’s say you pick a series of numbers because they have appeared in the past. Well the fact that they appeared is NOT proof that these numbers are more likely to appear even if they have. Past results on the lottery have no affect on future results.

In my opinion this is just 1 reason you should avoid this scam software system. But there are many more reasons. Ultimately a search in Google brings up a number of legitimate reviews from various sites.

Take a look if you don’t believe us, but we are not recommending this system.


Jon Charles